Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Does anyone like Houston, Texas? We spent our first married summer there while my husband sold security systems. it hot and humid! I know we only spent a summer there and if we had been there longer and actually had time to explore and get to know the area, I'm sure I would have liked it more. I worked in the office scheduling the installations for the technicians as Porter was out selling in the Houston heat.  Some days it would poor rain and we would come home to little baby frogs all over our apartment. We lived on the bottom floor of our apartment building, so I'm sure that was part of the reason. One night a pillow fell off our bed, in the morning it was completely covered by ants...gross! I promise I kept the apartment clean..I vacuumed almost everyday! They were nice apartments too so I came to the conclusion that this was just Texas. One of our friends invited people over one night and made cookies. She left the plate on the floor during the night and the next morning got up, not really looking at the plate, picked up a cookie, took a bite and swallowed. She then felt something tingling in her throat and then little pinches. She looked down at the cookie, and to her surprise there were ants all over it.  Luckily these don't have any ants on them. After being the only one in the office and working 12 hour days we finally got another girl to come work with me and so I got to have some time off. Some days I would go to my friends apt. and we'd make these delicious cookies. She always had cookie dough in her freezer and we had to be careful or we would eat the whole batch.

 Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies 

1c Shortening 
3/4c sugar
3/4 brown sugar
2 eggs
1t vanilla 
1t baking soda
1t salt
2 1/2c flour
2c chocolate chips

Cream together shortening and sugars. Scrape down to make sure it is all mixed.  While mixing at 1 egg at a time, make sure it completely mixed in and add the rest of the ingredients. Scoop into balls and bake at 350* for 8min. I love mine really gooey so I take them out right at 8 min. 

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